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Some examples of my aged finishes and parts

In the Spotlight: The Earth 2 '52

I wanted to build a goldtop in the Gibson style, but i wanted to do it a bit differently.   I had spent a long time looking at pics of Les Paul's original guitars and it was clear he never really played a stock '52.  It seems Gibson and Les disagreed on a few key points of the spec.

I decided to build and alternative reality version of the guitar Gibson released in 1952.  It's a little bit closer to the prototypes Les was actually playing, and also borrows a key feature from a '51 prototype that never made it onto the final Gibson design

One peice African Mahogany Body
Rippled Sycamore top
One pieces Hondruan Mahogany neck
Indian Rosewood fretboard with Pearl dot inlays - unbound
Full width neck tenon with contoured heel
Mojo Pickups Dynasonic coils in handmade covers
Goldtop Heavy relic finish
Aged Nickel Hardware